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March 06 2017


Cheddar slice has around 112kcal.

They stated, that you can save 5876kcal a year.

It gives around 52 slices, so burgers. Basically 1 burger per week.

I'm afraid that someone who eats burgers every week needs more changes in diet than just cheese removal :E
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March 03 2017

There are 2 glasses, so lets say it's a snack for 2 people.
In the picture we have:
One mango  - 135 kcal
One banana (medium) 105 kcal
Watermelon slices (lots of slices, but lets just round it down to half of melon) -  750kcal
2 kiwi fruits - 92 kcal 
cup of raspberries - 64 kcal
2 peaches - 76 kcal

1222 kcal in total, 611 kcal per person and I'm not even counting calories from smoothies.

All of listed fruits have disappointing amounts of proteins and fats (forget about fullness and gainz),

You get some vitamins with mediocre amount of fiber and shitload of other carbs (50-90% of which is sugar).

Average woman in her mid-twenties with sedentary lifestyle needs around 1400-1500 kcal daily to maintain body weight (and should subtract 300-500 kcal if going to reduce it).

It means that such non satiating meal is a half of daily caloric intake for average couch potato.

For 610 kcal you could have 1 grilled chicken breast/respectable fish fillet with 100g of brown/white rice and a big ass bowl of kale/broccoli/spinach (proteins - over 100g, carbs less than 30g (and almost no sugar) and irrelevant amount of fat. For average person it's equivalent of 2 decent meals.
Fit food porn is a nutshell.
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