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June 07 2017

No, it won't be that easy, because this is new, faulty species.
Base is the same: couch potato that thinks what other people tell it to think, does what other people tell it to do. 
Here is the twist - it's herd instinct, life goals and values are fucked up. It follow only most flashy, pretentious and retarded people. 
Basically a social magpie, that doesn't see the difference between aluminum spoon and gold ring.
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June 04 2017

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the struggle
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June 03 2017

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Archery tag - shooting to your coworkers is a great way of team integration
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May 30 2017

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@panpancerny @Ubik
Z dedykacją <3
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LoL nope.
Maybe if by "older" you mean the transition from teen to early twenties (and that is also an exception).
Cancelled plans my ass... at what planet do you guys live that you are HAPPY when your plans are cancelled? How much free time do you have to celebrate wasting it? And really, thunderstorms? What are you? 10? Just a small % of activities requires a good weather. In most cases you shouldn't even give a fuck if it's sunny or not.

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May 19 2017

Well... ye, sure...

 On 3 November 1993, Adams gave this answer on alt.fan.douglas-adams:

"The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought '42 will do' I typed it out. End of story."

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May 18 2017

I see that you are not trying to be a dick, so let me make it clear.
1) I was talking about semantics and semantics only (apparently, now we are not).
2) "Ask yourself why we humans, as a sexually dimorphic species, trouble ourselves with gender issues and pronouns." 
I have no clue why did you even put that in this conversation as it was not part of it.
3)  "In the end, only people with wombs and ovaries can get pregnant" - yes, and that what what biological sex is about. 
4) "A species whose males mostly aren't interested in the females, and vice versa, is extinct within a generation."
You are mixing different topics. Lack of sex drive or aberration of sexual orientation has nothing to do with sex and gender themselves. 
Your orientation is not changing your sex nor gender. 
Lack of sex drive is not changing your sex nor gender.
If you have XY chromosomes, dick and balls, then you are a male, no matter if you are straight or gay.
If you have XY chromosomes, dick and balls but you have gender disorder, then you are male but your gender identity is fucked up and you identify as a woman (which still can be gay or straight).
This is not even close to feminist/sjw agenda, just a naming.
5)"Gender bias" and "sex bias" mean the exact same to a biologist" - if used in biological context, then yes, of course, that's how synonyms work.
With time, meanings of "Gender" and "Sex" are getting separated. Because concept of sexual (/gendrer) identity and sex itself are 2 different things (that's why even in dictionaries context is always mentioned).
Hope you appreciated my time and effort :*
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May 16 2017

Z tego co wiem, to nie bardzo się da.
W naszej nomenklaturze jest twardo "płeć", która jest po prostu używana w różnych kontekstach (polska wiki podaje 10 kryteriów: chromosomalna, gonadalna, wewnętrzna, zewnętrzna, fenotypowa, hormonalna, metaboliczna, socjalna, mózgowa i psychiczna.
Wychodzi na to, że nasz język jest bardziej progresywny niż angielski :v (z drugiej strony, stąd też pewne zamieszanie gdy pojawia się temat gender w dyskusji). 
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May 11 2017

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Not exactly a solution, as new friendship is not a goal for "friendzoned".
I believe that this is more accurate.
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This is not an "introvert problem", this is just a fucking lack of sleep hygiene. 
Stop being a shitperson, start taking responsibility for what you do and who you are.
Stop mixing and/or (even worse) justifying shitty habits with introversion:
"Introverts are typically perceived as more reserved or reflective"* - how fucking reflective of you if you can't even verify what your problem is.


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May 10 2017

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healthy designs
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May 09 2017

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May 05 2017

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March 28 2017

When being fat is not challenging enough ;v
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March 27 2017

@myry @Ubik 
> It's not healthy for sure  
 At some point, absolutely.
For those who prefer comfort zone and the lowest effort it's tempting to develop the strongest connection with inferior species. 

Dog requires less, it's consciousness is simpler, it's needs are simpler and interaction with it is also simpler (and as result - easier). 
Dog won't judge your deeds or views, won't prioritize other people or things higher than you and always has time for you.  It's basically your friendly servant.  
Someone who "feels closer to his dog than to people" or "trusts animals more than people" or describes her/himself with any other catchy(cheeky) phrase about friendship with animals quite possibly just struggles in normal life and ignores actual issues. 

TL:DR version 
 Myry - you might have some shit to reconsider  :v
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March 26 2017

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Za Wuardo!
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March 25 2017

* "I love reading books!" photo *
Uses opened book as a cup coaster
乁( ゚ ͜ʖ ゚ )ㄏ
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March 24 2017

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Nice discovery, mate. I'll check it :v
Also, a gaming titbit - Mick Gordon learned throat singing to create Jago's theme in latest Killer Instinct (around 2:02).
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March 23 2017

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I had to.
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1) Lara's always wearing a shirt/tank top, not just a bra (or nothing at all), and is designed to look sexy and sensible at the same time, this dude is just cringy.

2) Ye, we needed that visualization, because there are no popular, huge franchises with half naked males :^)
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